Scientists Monitor Increasing Activity at Hawaiian Volcano

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Scientists are closely monitoring the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii due to increased activity in recent months. They use several indicators to track the activity, including seismic activity, ground deformation and volcanic gas emissions. Monitoring the volcano is important for providing early warning to the public and for improving scientists’ understanding of the mechanisms of volcanic activity to better predict and respond to future eruptions. Although Kilauea is currently showing increased activity, visiting Hawaii is considered safe, as long as visitors stay informed and follow instructions from local authorities in the event of an eruption.

Scientists Monitor Increasing Activity at Hawaiian Volcano

Hawaiian volcanoes are known for their stunning beauty and attracting tourists from around the world. However, as breathtaking as they may be, they are also active volcanoes that require constant monitoring. Currently, scientists are keeping a close eye on the Kilauea volcano, which has shown increased activity in recent months. In this article, we will discuss what the scientists are monitoring and why it is important.

Monitoring the Volcano

Scientists are monitoring several indicators to track the activity of the Kilauea volcano. One of the most significant indicators is seismic activity, which refers to the vibrations produced by rocks breaking beneath the surface. Scientists are using both ground-based and aerial instruments to track the seismic activity of the volcano.

Another important indicator is the deformation of the ground surrounding the volcano. Scientists use GPS equipment to detect any changes in the surface of the earth. If the ground around the volcano starts to bulge or shift, it could be a sign of impending volcanic activity.

Scientists are also monitoring the chemistry of the volcanic gases emanating from Kilauea. These gases can provide insight into the underground activity of the volcano, such as the release of magma, sulfur dioxide, and other gases.

Why is It Important to Monitor the Volcano?

Monitoring the Kilauea volcano is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows scientists to detect any changes in the activity of the volcano and provide early warning to the public. In 2018, Kilauea erupted, and more than 700 homes were destroyed, and thousands of residents were evacuated. Since then, scientists have been monitoring the volcano more closely to avoid similar incidents.

Monitoring the volcano also provides valuable insight into how it functions. By studying how the volcano behaves, scientists can better understand the mechanisms of volcanic activity and improve their ability to predict and respond to future eruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a volcanic eruption be predicted?

A: While volcanic eruptions cannot be predicted with certainty, scientists can detect precursors to volcanic activity, such as increased seismic activity, deformation of the ground, and changes in gas emissions.

Q: Is it safe to visit Hawaii now that the volcano is more active?

A: Yes, it is safe to visit Hawaii, but visitors should be mindful of the current conditions and stay informed of any updates from local authorities.

Q: What should I do if there is a volcanic eruption in Hawaii?

A: If there is a volcanic eruption, follow instructions from local authorities, evacuate if necessary, and stay informed of any updates or warnings.

Q: How do scientists monitor volcanic activity?

A: Scientists monitor volcanic activity using a variety of methods, including seismic activity, ground deformation, gas emissions, and satellite imagery.


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is one of the most studied and monitored volcanoes in the world. Although it is currently showing increased activity, thanks to the tireless work of scientists, the public can be quickly alerted to any incoming danger. Moreover, these monitoring efforts provide important insight for researchers into the mechanics of volcanic activity, which could help prevent future disasters. As long as we continue to monitor these Hawaiian volcanoes and work together to stay informed, we can enjoy the natural beauty of these wonders while remaining safely out of harm’s way.