National Park Service Celebrates Centennial Anniversary with Special Events

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The National Park Service (NPS) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, it has organized a series of special events and initiatives. National parks across the country will host commemorative events and programs throughout the year, inviting visitors to explore and appreciate these natural treasures. The NPS is also investing in initiatives to preserve historical buildings and artifacts within the parks. They are actively working with partners and volunteers to promote conservation and enhance the visitor experience. National Park Week, where entrance fees are waived, is a key event during the centennial celebrations.

National Park Service Celebrates Centennial Anniversary with Special Events

National Park Service Celebrates Centennial Anniversary with Special Events


The National Park Service (NPS) is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year. Established on August 25, 1916, the NPS is responsible for preserving and protecting America’s most cherished natural and cultural treasures. To commemorate this significant milestone, the NPS has organized a series of special events and initiatives that highlight the role of national parks in conserving our nation’s heritage and providing outdoor recreational opportunities for all.

Celebratory Events

Throughout the year, national parks across the country will host various commemorative events and programs. These events aim to engage visitors and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for our national parks and the diverse ecosystems they protect. Some of the key celebratory events include:

1. National Park Week

From April 16 to 24, the NPS invites everyone to explore the beauty and wonders of national parks for free. During this week, special programs, guided hikes, and educational activities are organized to engage visitors and raise awareness about the importance of preserving these natural treasures.

2. Find Your Park

This nationwide campaign encourages individuals to seek out their nearest national park and discover the awe-inspiring landscapes, historical sites, and cultural richness they offer. By connecting people with their local parks, the NPS aims to foster a sense of ownership and stewardship for these natural wonders.

3. Historic Preservation Initiatives

The NPS is investing in various initiatives to preserve and restore historical buildings, landmarks, and cultural artifacts within national parks. These efforts aim to protect the historical significance of these sites and provide visitors with a glimpse into our nation’s past.

4. Partnerships and Volunteer Opportunities

The NPS is actively collaborating with various organizations, businesses, and volunteers to promote conservation and enhance the visitor experience. Through partnerships, the agency strives to expand outreach and ensure sustainable management of national parks for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are national parks open during the centennial celebrations?

A: Yes, national parks remain open for visitors to enjoy throughout the centennial celebrations. However, it’s important to check specific park guidelines and any temporary closures due to weather conditions or special events.

Q: Do I need a pass to enter national parks during National Park Week?

A: No, during National Park Week, entrance fees are waived for all visitors. However, certain amenities and activities within the parks may require additional fees.

Q: How can I find events happening in my local national park?

A: The NPS website provides detailed information about events and activities planned in each national park. You can also reach out to the specific park’s visitor center for an updated schedule of events.

Q: Can I volunteer to help during the centennial celebrations?

A: Absolutely! The NPS encourages individuals to volunteer their time and expertise to support various park programs and initiatives. You can visit the NPS website to find volunteer opportunities in your local national park.

Q: How can I donate to support the National Park Service?

A: Donations to the National Park Foundation, the official charity of the NPS, can be made through their website. These contributions help fund important projects, education programs, and conservation efforts carried out by the NPS.


The National Park Service’s centennial anniversary is an occasion to celebrate the beauty, history, and significance of our national parks. By attending special events, exploring these lands, and supporting the NPS, we can ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy and benefit from these extraordinary natural and cultural resources.